Monday, 28 December 2015

* 2016 * Call for FISH mail art * 

* Call for mail-art FISHES * 2016 *

I would like to receive mail art on  
* fishes * poissons * vissen * peixes * peces * Fische *

Preferred size: A5 (210x148 mm) or A6 (148x105 mm, that is, postcard size). 
All work will be shown on my blog
Deadline: 31 December 2016
No returns. 
Offensive material will not be published, but jokes will be appreciated. 

Send your mail-art, please, to:
Willemien Visser

Kaspersweg 86
26131 Oldenburg

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Kaspersweg 86
26131 Oldenburg

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

2012 - I start a NEW BLOG

September 2012, having joined the IUOMA and being again rather active with mail-arting, I decided to create a NEW BLOG! It is called 

*** and wimplet continues her mail-art * * * 

and the address is 

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Continuing my series of a&a postcards (augmented&ameliorated)

a birthday card for Roxane! (november 2007)

a birthday cake for Janneke! (november 2007)

A new red one for Lydie!

Sending from october 2007

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

En Lydie weet maar niet niet van ophouden (I don't know how to say this in English!)

and the post office administrator made a suitable contribution, putting the levy announcement exactly in the space left open by Lydie!

Celebrate Françoise's 50 years!

I'm making postcards of a new style: great fun! Augment and ameliorate old postcards and photos! Françoise received the first specimen for her 50 years!

Suprise: a mail_art sending from Jessy Kendall

It's each time again a SURPRISE: to find in my mailbox, a colored, pasted envelope from a completely unknown person. This time, it was "Jessy Kendall": he also sends a big_smiling photo of himself with a friend and a series of add&pass_on sheets (that will appear here after transformation).

Piggies to Nicole Eippers

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Another wild envelope from Lydie!

A BLUE sending in the correspondence with Lydie

MailArt to BaluDart

A darts envelope went to Balu D'Art (; see his sending "Florence Nightingale, the 'female hero' of a dart-amateur" on my heldinnen_blog I included an article on Raymond Dart (1893 - 1988), Professor of Anatomy who became a brilliant physical anthropologist and paleontologist. In 1924, Raymond Dart found the "Australopithecus africanus", the discovery that made him famous.

MailArt & Collage to Sonnenschein

In a call, Sonnenschein asked for collages writing: "AND DON'T FORGET TO DECORATE THE ENVELOPE! MAIL IS MORE EXCITING WHEN IT'S PRETTY!"

So, I sent a collage in a mail_art envelope:

Its content, the collage, before and after it went into the envelope:

MailArt from João Alberto Lupin

João Alberto Lupin sent two zines and an ad&pass_on sheet.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

A series of add&pass_ons transformed during the Ascension w.e.!

The day before Ascension Thursday, that is, on the 16th of May, I received again an envelope from Mete Sarabi:

The envelope contained some 10 sheets with Add&Pass-on productions. I was irritated, frustrated: "I don't like these Add&Pass-on things." "I am not going to add just one element and then copy the sheets and send the whole business to somebody else!" However, one day later, at the beginning of my 4-day long Ascension w.e. ("on faisait le pont"), I thought that I could "do something" with / on the sheet that was most empty. And so I transformed

And then I got the idea that if I could take each sheet individually and rework it, it could be fun!
And so I did.
I sent the Red lipped "Yesterday was Woensdag 16 mei, a W-day for We-people" to the young anthropologist Siebrichie, in a Chinese envelope.

The next emptiest sheet

was transformed into another Red lipped male heroic specimen

and I sent it to my mail_art friend LYDIE:

Regarding the next one, I forgot to take a photograph of the original, so I restored it as much as possible by putting little while sheets on my already_made_additions, where possible…

OK, but my added sheet was

and I sent it to Pati Bristow, a woman discovered on the Internet and who has an ongoing mail_art call for PEACE-NO MORE WAR:

Number 4, originally


and went to MARIE-PIERRE, the other member of the Rocquencourt mail_art gang!

The next one, originally

went, in its transformed form

to João Alberto Lupin, found on Internet and who seemed to be interested in add&pass_on mail_art. In addition, he is living in Brazil, a country that, though its Portuguese language has a particular significance for me.

I completely forgot to make a photograph of the original of N° 6…, but it became
and went to Laura Barletta, another Internet discovery!

N° 7


and went to Céline Guichard (yes, another woman from the internet).

The next one, n° 8, was

and had to go to a man with a sense of humour. Zapping on mail_art related Internet sites, I had discovered already a Frenchman, Denis Charmot. He seemed to be the designed recipient of this add&pass_on…

And last, but not least, n° 9, which I did not like AT ALL before TRANSFORMATION

AFTERWARDS, I liked it very much. I sent it to Fat Red Ant, very TRANSFORMED:

Systematic as I am, I feel obliged to show Mete Sarabi's material that I did not (YET!) use!