Wednesday, 24 October 2007

En Lydie weet maar niet niet van ophouden (I don't know how to say this in English!)

and the post office administrator made a suitable contribution, putting the levy announcement exactly in the space left open by Lydie!

Celebrate Françoise's 50 years!

I'm making postcards of a new style: great fun! Augment and ameliorate old postcards and photos! Françoise received the first specimen for her 50 years!

Suprise: a mail_art sending from Jessy Kendall

It's each time again a SURPRISE: to find in my mailbox, a colored, pasted envelope from a completely unknown person. This time, it was "Jessy Kendall": he also sends a big_smiling photo of himself with a friend and a series of add&pass_on sheets (that will appear here after transformation).

Piggies to Nicole Eippers

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Another wild envelope from Lydie!

A BLUE sending in the correspondence with Lydie

MailArt to BaluDart

A darts envelope went to Balu D'Art (; see his sending "Florence Nightingale, the 'female hero' of a dart-amateur" on my heldinnen_blog I included an article on Raymond Dart (1893 - 1988), Professor of Anatomy who became a brilliant physical anthropologist and paleontologist. In 1924, Raymond Dart found the "Australopithecus africanus", the discovery that made him famous.

MailArt & Collage to Sonnenschein

In a call, Sonnenschein asked for collages writing: "AND DON'T FORGET TO DECORATE THE ENVELOPE! MAIL IS MORE EXCITING WHEN IT'S PRETTY!"

So, I sent a collage in a mail_art envelope:

Its content, the collage, before and after it went into the envelope:

MailArt from João Alberto Lupin

João Alberto Lupin sent two zines and an ad&pass_on sheet.